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Adhesive universal primer of Aura Dekor Grund 10 of l
  • Adhesive universal primer of Aura Dekor Grund 10 of l

Adhesive universal primer of Aura Dekor Grund 10 of l

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine


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Universal primer with a quartz filler for the subsequent putting structural materials.

  • Strengthens a surface.
  • Good adhesion to various types of surfaces.
  • Increases adhesion of structural materials to the basis due to creation of a strong rough structural surface with the small drawing.
  • Considerably facilitates and reduces the price of drawing and modeling of finishing structural materials.
  • Simplifies process of formation of "drawing" of structural decorative plasters.
  • Facilitates drawing "liquid" wall-paper.
  • Has good vapor permeability and water resistance.
  • At use of primer on external surfaces the general water-absorbing ability of a substrate since the water getting through defective sites of structural plaster is late a priming coat decreases.
  • Interferes with emergence of spots on the surface of the plasters caused by features of a substrate.
  • Vodorazbavimy, white.
  • Due to the maintenance of a white pigment levels a color background of a surface and increases covering ability of a finishing layer of material.
  • Has no unpleasant smell.
  • For internal and external works.


It is applied as an adhesive covering to the subsequent putting mineral plasters, acrylic dispersive plasters and hard putties, structural and smooth paints, "liquid" wall-paper, and also to preparation of the protective reinforcing layers (in systems of "wet" thermal insulation) under finishing finishing. It can be used for winter preservation of the plastered facades.

It can be used in rooms as an independent structural decorative covering or in a complex with smooth paints, structural paints, TM Aura or TM Eskaro fillings, and also with acrylic water and dispersive decorative varnishes and azures.

Types of surfaces for drawing

Internal and external works: Any mineral bases: concrete, cement and limy, cement and sand plasters, a brick, the protective reinforcing layers in systems of "wet" thermal insulation, etc.


Internal works: Smooth, the strong new and earlier painted by enamel or oil paint bases: gypsum cardboard, firm fibrous plates, chipboard, plywood, etc.





Machine kolerovka on the Eskarocolor system - more than 8 000 shades in pastel (base A) of tone. A manual kolerovka the TM Aura pigmentary pastes in light tone (no more than 2% on volume). Owing to use in primer of natural fillers insignificant fluctuations of color tone therefore on adjacent surfaces it is necessary to use material from one party are possible or in advance to mix in one capacity materials from different parties.


To 5 m ²/l on one layer. The expense depends on a drawing method.

Drying time

Dry on came unstuck in 2 hours depending on layer thickness at a temperature of +20 °C and relative humidity of air of 65%. The following layer can be put in 24 hours. Completely dry for putting plasters in 5 days. At lower temperature and high humidity of air time of drying increases.


Warranty period of storage

24 months

Frost resistance

Not to freeze.

Storage conditions

To store and transport in the intact original hermetically closed packing at a temperature from +5ºС to +35ºС. Not to subject to freezing and influence of direct sunshine.


2,5l/3,6; 10l/14,4kg.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Purpose:For interior applications
Paint type:Acrylic
Number of components:One-component
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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