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Bioprotective primer for l Aura Biostop 9 wood
  • Bioprotective primer for l Aura Biostop 9 wood

Bioprotective primer for l Aura Biostop 9 wood

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Country of manufacture:Finland


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Alkyd primer of deep penetration for long protection of wood.

  • Has high penetration, active agents deeply get into wood.
  • Contains biocides which preserve wood and provide reliable protection against rotting, a mold and blue and insects. Certificate on registration No. 0344/07.
  • The complex of special biocidal additives reliably protects wood from many species of microorganisms, including Aspergillus niger, Aureobasidium pullulans, Penicillium funiculosum, Ulocladium consortiale, Chlorelle fusca, Stichococcus bacillaris, Coniophora puteana, Gloeophyllum trabeum, Poria placenta, Coriolus versicolor, etc.
  • Contains the modified alkyd resin that improves adhesion of a decorative covering to a wooden surface.
  • On the basis of high cleaning solvents – possesses an insignificant smell.
    The maximum permissible maintenance of LOS for a product (subgroup of h) of 750 g/l. Maksimalnoyesoderzhany LOS in a product

Wood service conditions:

Use Class 3 on EN 335.


It is intended for priming of wooden surfaces and facades, including at the increased humidity, sharp differences of temperatures, on sunny side, on the fragments of a facade located close drains (eaves), the problem places revealed at repair and also for priming of terraces, floorings, planked footway, handrail, ladders, fellings, designs from logs, window frames, doors, gate, fences, garden furniture. 
It is possible to use in the damp or constantly humidified rooms for priming of construction and frame wood, walls, plinths, ceilings, partitions, window frames, doors, window sills, furniture, floors, ladders, a handrail, etc., and also wooden products and designs under a canopy, in not heated rooms.
It is not applied to the wood which is in contact with the soil or ground waters and also in the marine environment. 
Not to use as the independent covering, from above is obligatory to apply finishing material for wooden surfaces.
It is not recommended for internal works in dry rooms.

Types of surfaces under coloring


The new raw or cleared of an old covering wooden surfaces, chipboard, plywood, interline interval. Is suitable as for strugany, and sawn wood. Not to use for processing of the wood infected with microorganisms or insects.



On a single-layer covering: sawn wood – 4-6 m ²/l, strugany wood – 8-10m ²/l, at an okunaniye – 30-60 l/m ³, processing time – 1 hour.

Drying time

6-10 h at 20 °C and relative humidity of air of 50%.

Duration of drying is influenced by porosity of a surface and thickness of a layer.


Warranty period of storage

5 years.

Frost resistance


Storage conditions

To store in densely closed container in the cool place.


0,8 kg/l.


0,7 l - 2,7 l - 9 l 


Country of manufacture:Finland
Information is up-to-date: 11.12.2018
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